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Bourbon Barrel Aged Maple Syrup!

This is a first for us! We have taken 2 freshly dumped 5 gallon bourbon barrels and filled them with fresh 2022 Pure Maple Syrup. The syrup will age in these oak barrels for 3 months before we open them and test the flavor profile. If it meets our criteria, we will heat up the syrup to 190 degrees, filter again, and bottle. This will be a very limited item this year since it is our first ever! We are supper excited to be able to do this.

Some may be thinking that there will be alcohol in this syrup.…not true. Since we are heating in order to properly filter and bottle, the minimal amount of alcohol that would be in the syrup will be cooked off leaving behind the flavor or the bourbon, oak, and maple.

So be sure to keep a watch for updates and availability of this uniquely wonderful product in the coming months. We are hoping to have this available in glass containers with our unique private label.

More to come. STAY TUNED!

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